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Guarantee program

We provide you with peace of mind during the treatment of your cats. 
It is a widely acknowledged fact that GS treatment still contains relapse cases.
Our team works hard to minimize relapses to a mean rate of 0.5% relapse and 0.5% recurrence;
which is lower than the common rate of 2.5 -3%.

EMUNE Guarantee Program is designed to accommodate the pitfalls that may occur during the treatment

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Refund : 60 Days After Receiving The Product

In the event that the cats must stop treatment because of unforeseeable circumstances, such as a wrong diagnosis or accident, etc. Emune will gladly refund any unopened vials.
By the company will deduct 350(THB) per vial for the operation. Please contact our staffs to proceed the refund.

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Relapse : 84 Days During Observation Period

If your cat relapsed with FIP again during 84 day of observation period (Day 1 will be started by the first day of finishing the injection). Emune will accommodate you by giving 3 vials of the suitable concentration and a 50% discount (Single vial price) for the rest of GS-445124 until you finish the treatment.

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Recurrent : 60 Days After Finish The Observation Period Ends

If your cat recurrent after finish the observation period within 60 days.
Emune give 7% discount for all of your purchasing 


  1. Your cat must be treated with our protocol and product Emune GS-441524 for at least 76 days.

  2. You must declare all of your cat's treatment reports (Medicine, Treatment Plan, Dosage incremental, Blood Test, etc.). Our staff will investigate if there was any mistake with your previous treatment.

  3. You must declare how you pet your cat during and after the treatment, including (foods, supplements, activities, medications unrelated to FIP treatment).

  4. You must submit proof of the diagnosis report if the same cat is relapsing or recurring with FIP.

Please feel free to contact us via Line or Meta(Facebook)

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