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GS-441524 Make FIP Possible To CURE

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) has long been a devastating diagnosis for cat owners. However, a glimmer of hope has emerged in the form of GS-441524, an antiviral medication that has shown remarkable success in treating this previously fatal disease. In this article, we delve into what GS-441524 is, how it combats FIP, and what cat owners need to know.

What is GS-441524?

GS-441524 is a antiviral drug. It is the active metabolite of remdesivir, a medication initially developed to treat Ebola and more recently used against COVID-19. Studies have found that GS-441524 is highly effective against feline coronavirus (FCoV) every FIP forms(WET, DRY or UNCLASSIFIED)

How Does GS-441524 Treat FIP?

GS-441524 works by inhibiting the replication of FCoV. By stopping the virus from multiplying, it allows the cat's immune system to fight back and control the infection. This can lead to a significant reduction in symptoms and even complete remission in many cases. (97% sucess rate). However, cats with FIP often exhibit overlapping symptoms, such as fever, loss of appetite, or anemia. Supportive treatment is essential in managing these symptoms.

Too Many Concentration What different!

For now GS-441524 in market has too many concentration. The Fact is all concentration can use to treat every FIP form whatever wet or dry form, but the more weight of cat directly increase injection amount.

For exmple: Cat weight 4kg FIP form DRY without Nuero and Ocular suitalbe dosage by symtom is 10mg/kg ​​

Let's calculate starter injection amount for this case (Learn more about Dosage caculation)

4kg x 10(mg/kg) = 40mg

  • 20mg : injection amount: 2cc ( 40mg = 20mg x 2cc )

  • 30mg : injection amount: 1.3cc ( ~40mg = 30mg x 1.3cc )

  • 40mg : inecjtion amount: 1cc ( 40mg = 40mg x 1cc )

As you can see low concentration affect to injection amount and number of injection time/vial less than more concentration, it's mean cost per injection cheaper than low concentration and easier to perform an injection. However, the low weight cat no need to use the highest concentration due to

  1. Frequent withdrawal of medication from the vial can lead to medication loss at the needle tip(AVG 0.092cc)

  2. If the calculated dose is less than 0.1 cc, it can be difficult to draw the medication accurately due to the syringe scale starting at 0.1 cc

Choosing the appropriate concentration based on weight and FIP Form is the most effective approach.

We provide suitable concentration follow by weight and FIP form at the product description. Anyway, If you have any concern our specialist can do it for you.

What make us different from other brands?

Nowadays, has too many GS-441524 in the market, but the important thing is the quality. As you know, quality often comes with price. 
We are committed to using only the finest materials and ingredients in our products, carefully avoiding any substances that could trigger allergic reactions in your cat. 

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Administration and Dosage

GS-441524 is typically administered via subcutaneous injection (under the skin) once a day. Research indicates that 84 days is a common and effective treatment duration.

The dosage and GS concentration of treatment are determined by the cat's weight and FIP forms, the severity of their FIP, and their response to therapy. Don't worry about this. You can consult with our Emune FIP specialists, and we will provide recommendations throughout the entire treatment process.

Success Rate and Potential Side Effects

Clinical trials and anecdotal evidence have demonstrated high success rates in treating both the wet and dry forms of FIP with
. Especially FIP dry form with Nuerological(Legs, Brain) or Orcular(Eyes). Based on our customer, we found that

GS-441524 is more effective than oral antivirals. However, like any medication, there can be potential side effects, including injection site reactions, mild gastrointestinal upset, and elevated liver enzymes. 

Our Sucess cases

The Future of FIP Treatment

GS-441524 has revolutionized the way we approach FIP, offering hope where there was once despair. While it is not yet widely available in all countries, its growing popularity and promising results are paving the way for a brighter future for cats diagnosed with FIP. So, you don't need to worry about your friend(Cat) will saying good bye to you anymore.


GS-441524 is a groundbreaking medication that has brought hope to countless cat owners facing the devastating diagnosis of FIP.
If your cat has been diagnosed with FIP, The faster you start treatment the higher chance your cat will servive. This critical symptom requires immediate treatment. Don't heisitate if you have any concerns, reach out to us our staffs always available to help you.

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