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Medical Usage of Supportive Treatment

Can we use steroid or Prednisolone during the treatment?

According to the inflammation level when you start the treatment. If the inflammation is very high you can use it but need to finish within first 14 days of GS-441524 injection

Why Fluoroquinolone is restricted?

Due to Fluoroquinolone such as Baytrill, Zeniquin, Veraflox/Pradofloxacin and Orbax are the medicines those contain fluorine which can infiltrate to the nerve system and can develop the symptom to be FIP neurological

Why we should not provide the medicine or supplement for immune system support such as L-Lysine, Beta-Glucan, Interferon?

Because FIP will increase CMI and HMI which make immune system be sensitive so we should not touch it. Another reason is L-Lysine and Beta Glucan are simulate the replication of cells which effect to the replication of FIPV

If the cat complicate with of the disease such as FeLV, FIV, FVP. Can we use GS-441524 for FIP Treatment?
A: Yes you still can use GS-441524 for FIP treatment but the successful rate will be reduce following this table

Can we use vermifuge, antipyretic, decongestant and etc.?

Yes you can but except Fluoroquinolone.

Can we give chemotherapy for the cat during GS-441524 treatment?

Yes you can but need to pause the GS-441524 for 36-48 hours to review the effect. And cannot use the medicine in Fluoroquinolone group for the chemotherapy 

Why we cannot use fleas drop during GS-441524 treatment?

There is not scientific report about the conflict between fleas drop and GS-441524 action. But due to the fleas drop action is the fat soluble as same as GS-445124 and it can get into the nerve which cause to develop the symptom to be neurological FIP

Can we use Silver Nano Spray if the cat has skin fungus?

Can use but be aware of allergy


Can we give the GS-441524 to the FIP infected pregnant Cats?

Yes you can do it. However, you need to closely take care the cats and the kittens after they giving a birth by give them full nutrition based on their age.

Is GS-441524 will affect the kitten if we use it to treat FIP infected mother cats?(Both pregnant and gave a birth)

The kitten will not get any effect from the colostrum that the mother give to them. However, we do not have enough data to confirm that the colostrum that kittens will support the immunity to FIP for them in the future.

Can we perform the treatment for the FIP infected kitten?

Yes we can do because the dose is calculated based on the weight not the age. But we need to understand that the successful rate of the treatment for the kitten is very low because they immune is not stable especially 1-4 weeks kittens.

Relapse and Recurrent

What can we do if the cat relapse or recurrence to FIP?

We need to do the historical check for the previous FIP treatment. What was the FIP form? How much A/G when the cat stop injection? When were you stop the injection? And we need to categorize the relapse and recurrence follow these

  1. Relapse because not finish fully course of FIP treatment
    Check the FIP form and use the dosage following the symptom then restart treatment 84 days

  2. Relapse during the observation period (84 Days after finished treatment)
    Check the relapse FIP symptom and +2mg/kg for the dosage based on the FIP symptom then restart treatment 84 days with PCR test(blood sample) for the final health check

  3. Recurrence after finish observation period within 1-3 months
    Check the relapse FIP symptom and +2mg/kg for the dosage based on the FIP symptom then restart treatment 84 days with PCR test(blood sample) for the final health check

  4. Recurrence after finish observation period over 4 months
    Restart the treatment again 84 days follow the symptom that the cat get.

For the recurrence case, you must check the cause of recurrence such as the environment, the activities between owner and the cats. To advise the owner to prevent all of these activities

Unclassical FIP

What should treat for the unclassical FIP cat

To respond the Unclassical FIP we will focus to adjust the dosage following the symptom 

  1. Wet FIP then develop to Dry FIP
    Use 8mg/kg following Dry FIP

  2. Wet FIP or Dry FIP develop to Ocular/Neurological
    Use 10mg/kg following Ocular/Neurological

  3. Dry FIP then develop to Wet FIP (Not often found during treatment)
    Use 8mg/kg based on Dry FIP

If the FIP cat decelerated WBC and do not found other disease such as FeLV, FIV and FPV what should we encounter?

In this case FIPV is decelerating the catabolism of WBC. You need to give G-CSF to accelerate the WBC together with GS-441524 and do the initial blood test every 3 days until the WBC is normal.

General Questions

Do we need to store Emune in 3-8℃ all the time?

No need, it can store in the temperature below 45℃ for few days if you forget to store in the fridge

Can we change injection time?
Yes, you can. But please remain + - 2 hours from the existing injection time.

If I do not have enough Emune for injection what can I do?

There are 2 solution for this situation

  1. There is a little medicine left. Re-purchase as fast as you can and divide the medicine for daily injection   until you receive the new vials.

  2. If you finish all of the medicine. Re-purchase as fast as you can then continue the injection and no need to restart the injection date to day 1

Can we change the concentration during the treatment?

Yes, you can. But you need to calculate the dose correctly based on the cat’s weight

Can we switch GS-441524 brand during the treatment?

Yes, you can. Because every GS-441524 has the same action to FIPV. But you need to select the higher concentration and calculate the correct daily dose. Also, be sure to look at the warranty of each brand.

Can I finish the injection before 84 days?

We would encourage you to finish 84 days because it can reduce the chance of relapse and recurrent. But due to the current situation we understand that cat’s owners want to finish the treatment as fast as they can, so to finish the treatment course we must confirm the CBC and A:G Ratio to be at least 0.7 within 2 health check in the row and do the blood sample PCR test.

Can I extend the treatment course over 84 days?


Yes, you can. Depend on the treatment progress and result

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