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Over 5,000 cases has 97% chance of winning over  FIP

with Emune medication treatment plan
The key is speed in making treatment decisions


Thon Aor, TH

เพราะราคาของ Emune เราเลยพอสู้ไหว บวกกับบริการและการให้คำแนะนำที่มีประโยชน์และรวดเร็ว น้องอุ๋งอุ๋งจึงมีชีวิตรอดมาได้ ขอบพระคุณจริงๆค่ะที่ช่วยคืนความสุขให้กับคุณตาและที่บ้าน

My Anung-Anung servive from FIP because of Emune service was very helpful and fast The price is very affordable compare to their service. You brought back our family happiness.

Testimonial Cat lay down behind our product GS-441524 box

Koy Maeklong, TH

น้องถุงเงิน, ถุงเพชร, มาวิน, ทองอุไร และถุงทอง รอดชีวิตจากโรค FIP ได้ด้วยความช่วยเหลือและยาของ Emune ก้อยขอบคุณจากใจจริงที่ Emune คอยดูแลตลอดการรักษาทั้งหมด

Thung-Ngern, Thung-Pethch, Marvi, Thong-Urai, Thung-Thong survive from FIP because GS by Emune. I'm truely thank you Emune who cousulted me whole treatment course

Testimonial Cat lay down behind our product GS-441524 box

Treat With Us

97% Successful Treatment

Emune GS-441524 is highly effective in treating FIP. Your cat will succeed with treatment if you follow our instructions and guidance closely

0.3% Relapse & Recurrent

Other GS-441524 brands have relapse and recuurence rates between
2.5% - 3%; the Emune treatment plan can reduce this by only 0.5%

Delivery Everyday

We understand the urgency of saving cats' lives. Every second counts. A team of professisonals is available everydayto assist you with your cat's recovery.

Trusted By Vets

Doctor's choice.

We supply to all veterinary clinics with positive feedback & a high return rate of orders.

Guarantee Program

We provide you with peace of mind during the treatment of your cats. We offer 60 days money back guarantee for any pitfalls that may happen with your cat's tretment

Experience staffs

We're well experienced with veterinarians & knowledgeable about different breeds and conditions of cats.

97% Successful Treatment

by Vets

Relapse Rate

Safe &

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